Taiko Craft Skills At Taiko Centre East, we make our own instruments based on traditional craft skills  learnt from a Japanese taiko maker. Making taiko is, in many ways, more fascinating and physically demanding than playing them. We have a wide range of taiko for different styles of playing: 11 katsugi daiko 10 shime daiko 6 miya daiko 5 ojime daiko 1 Odaiko - the largest of the set 25 practice drums 76 drums stands (how did that happen?) equipment to make and repair taiko
Read about Taiko Listen to Taiko Watch Taiko These are katsugi daiko shells ranging from 2 shaku to 1.4 shaku. The plaits are made from rawhide stretched around the shell. Teaching how to sew a shime skin at the National Taiko Festival, 2013 Repair work for Mugenkyo, an old Asano daiko that needed a new bearing edge and skins 'Shime' means 'stitched'. Small high-pitched drums traditionally used in Noh theatre. Katsugi daiko skin lacquered Preparing a hiradaiko
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