What is Taiko? Taiko simply means ‘drum’ in Japanese. Nowadays the word also means a contemporary style of drumming that developed in Japan in the last 60 years. Playing taiko is as fun as it looks but it is takes a lot of practice to do it well. Taiko spans aspects of fitness, percussion and martial arts. Hitting the drum with power is about learning to move freely, not holding any tension in your body, and feeling the rhythm as well as hearing it. Taiko Centre East is based in Norwich, East Anglia. We teach in schools, run classes and workshops, and perform in a wide range of settings.
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Upcoming Workshops Jan 6th: How to relax when you play taiko and Introduction to katsugi daiko Feb 17th: Intro to slant stand  and playing sideways across two drums March 17th: Miyake basic form and rhythms